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Thank you for choosing Desire Recruitment.

Just when it seemed like the fog of 2020 was evaporating, the news of Victoria re-engaging Stage 3 restrictions has given us all a reality check. Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods yet.

We’re not sure we can expect things to ever return to “normal” in the retail industry, but candidates and businesses should know we are here to support them through these uncertain times.

There’s good news for jobseekers as thousands of jobs have returned to the retail space. Whether you’re contemplating change or ready for that next step, we always love hearing the story behind your application.

It’s great to see businesses invest in the customer experience. The in-store experience should be as important as the product being sold. Online consumers will be looking for a simple and easy to digest platform.

I’ve come to realise that recruitment is similar to the consumer experience – it’s a form of connection that brings people together.

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We eagerly anticipate the “new normal”, however it may be, so we can continue sharing our love for changing lives and building businesses.

From the entire Desire Recruitment team, we hope you are safe during this period and we look forward to connecting with you.

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