About Us

We have one DESIRE – to optimise and simplify recruitment strategies through partnering Australian retail businesses with outstanding employees by focusing on diversity, quality assurance and efficiency.

By synergising with our clients to innovate and instil long-term change in their recruitment strategy.

Customer service, knowledge and passion are the pillars upholding our our clients and candidates success.

A collaborative and modern approach to retail recruitment ensures you can trust we understand your specific needs.

You talk. We listen. Why should it be any other way?

It’s simple. Desire Recruitment never sacrifices on talent acquisition standards.

We embrace forward-thinking technology to streamline your recruitment process so you can better focus your time and resources.

Boutique firm operations allow us to deliver a hyper-focused service that is innovative, client-centric and above all, honest.

The retail market is an ever-changing landscape. Our omnichannel recruitment strategy ensures we reach premium candidates wherever they are.